Parents Do Not Have to Be Fat After Kids

In news that is certain not to surprise anyone, it seems parents are fatter than non-parents. Well, duh. Between the leftover chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and eating what we can grab on the run, how could we possibly be thin? The fact is, parents are busy and both mom and dad are at risk for gaining weight.

A new study shows that being a parent speeds up weight gain over a lifetime. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that adults who have kids end up getting fatter than those who don't. Well, duh. 

We moms knows that squeezing fitness into our jam-packed days isn't always easy. But it isn't just us mamas who need to feel the burn. "Baby weight" can also apply to men.


In the 10+ years my husband and I have been together, I have lost -- and kept off -- 20 pounds. He has gained about 30. I firmly believe that we make time for what we love. I will get up at 3 a.m. if it means I get my workout in, but he won't.

As I started to ask around, I realized I was in the majority among my friends. All of my mommy friends are thin and their husbands? Are not. It's interesting.

Both men and women need to be making more time for fitness. It's good for them, yes. But it's also really good for the family. Children need to know that mommy and daddy care about their health. It teaches lifelong skills.

There are so many ways to fit fitness and good eating habits into a life with children. Go for walks together, push them in the stroller, take children to yoga classes or classes at the gym while you work out. Also, take them to farmers' markets, start a garden, and encourage them to cook healthy meals with you.

The more involved children are in the meal planning and execution and the more physically active you are, the more weight mom and dad will lose. Everyone is happier in a more fit family.

Do you think this study is true?


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