Forget Everything Your Mother Told You About Parenting

If you've ever felt like your mom and your pediatrician are at war, then you're like every other mom on the planet. The fact is, baby advice has changed a whole lot over the years and some of the things your mama told you are wrong, wrong wrong.

For instance, has she ever gotten on you for picking your baby up when he cries? "You'll spoil him!" How about sleeping on his stomach? Does she tell you he should? Or putting rice cereal in the bottle? These are among the most outdated pieces of parenting advice according to Parents magazine.

Of course, it gets worse as the kids get older, too. Here are some recent gems I have heard from '70s era parents:

  • Spank your kids: Yeah, no thanks. This may have worked in the '70s and kids may SEEM like they get in line. But being terrified of you is not conducive to a positive parent-child relationship.
  • Organic doesn't matter: Actually, it does. Especially these fruits. Just because we ate a whole lot of pesticides doesn't mean our kids should.
  • Just use any old car seat: This is one from a certain mother I know whose son specifically told me about the time he flew out the windshield of their car in an accident at 3 years old when he wasn't even so much as buckled into the seat. Just because he wasn't killed isn't a reason I should do the same with my kids.
  • This crib from 1954 is still in great condition! Actually, my 3-year-old no longer has to sleep in a crib, and even if he did, the safety standards have changed A LOT in the past 50 years. I would rather co-sleep with him. 
  • Boys are smarter than girls: Come on? Are we living in 1954? This may have been the popular idea back then, but we have evolved back then and learned a whole lot about boys and girls. Anyone still believing this is living in a time warp.

What outdated things have you heard recently?

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