Massive Little Tikes Toy Recall Due to Baby Choking (PHOTOS)

little tikes recallTragedy was barely averted when an 11-month-old baby choked on an oversized plastic nail from the Little Tikes Toy Workshop Set as it lodged in his throat. Luckily, he did make a full recovery, and now Little Tikes is recalling 1.6 million toys, including the workshop set and trucks that contain these plastic nails.

The Electronic Project Workshop, Little HandiWorker Workhorse, Home Improvements 2-Sided Workshop, Swirlin' Sawdust Workshop, and Black Pickup Truck With Tools all contain these plastic "nails" that have now resulted in two accidents, and are being recalled. If you have any of these toys, you should remove the nails immediately, and always consider the age requirements before allowing a baby or toddler to play with a toy with small parts.

So many times the names are not familiar to those of us who might receive them as gifts or we just grab something in the store without studying the packaging, so here are photos of the recalled toys so you can check out your toy box.


little tikes recallElectronic Project Workshop

little tikes recallLittle HandiWorker Workhorse

little tikes recallHome Improvements 2-Sided Workshop

little tikes recallBlack Pickup Truck With Tools

little tikes recallSwirlin' Sawdust Workshop

The nails that are the problem are in the circle, highlighted in the photos above. If you have any of these toys, please contact Little Tikes at (800) 791-2737 or visit the Little Tikes website to get your replacement nails.

Keep small toys away from babies and especially off the floor once your crawling baby is active. Use common sense and check your toy box for potential dangers.

Do you have any of these toys?


Images via Amazon and Little Tikes

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