The Most Dangerous Kind of Circumcision

circumcision injury
Baby not crying due to getting a Mogen
Okay everybody, prepare for some wincing. Whether you believe that circumcising baby boys is wrong or that it's nobody else's business, I think we can all agree that no one should be chopping off the tips of penises. But apparently there's a certain type of device used during circumcision by hospitals and mohels that has the risk of doing exactly that, and some little boys have suffered the loss of the tip of their penis. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH.

The Mogen clamp was invented in 1954, and while it's not very popular, it is still used even after many reports of injury. As someone who is married to a Jewish man and has a little boy, I'm shocked I haven't heard about this before. Which is why I'm writing this, because if you're considering having your little boy circumcised, you're going to want to make sure this isn't the device that will be near your baby's penis.

Here's how it works, or rather doesn't work.


If you're still reading (and really, I don't blame you if you aren't), the way most hospitals circumcise baby boys is to loosen the foreskin, pull it through a clamp, and cut. The Mogen, however, doesn't have any part in place to protect the tip of the penis, hence the accidents. Additionally, the Mogen does not allow the doctor to see what he's doing, like the other devices do. That can't be good.

Most hospitals and mohels use devices that do have an extra part that protects from this horrific accident. Which makes me wonder why these dangerous versions are still around. In 2000 a public health notice was issued regarding the Mogen, and some places have stopped distributing this device that has been the subject of multimillion-dollar lawsuits. (Gee, ya think?) But what really needs to happen is to get this product off the market and away from our little boys' penises.

So tell your friends, your neighbors, pregnant women you see in the supermarket (actually, don't do that unless you want an angry pregnant woman socking you in the arm) to ask before cutting. If it's a Mogen, skip it.

Do you think the Mogen should be banned?


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