Baby Death From Shopping Cart Accident Serves as Warning

shopping cart death babyMaybe it's the culture in Los Angeles, but every time I go to a different grocery store, there are so many options for children in the grocery cart, I wonder what's next: A teenager cart equipped with an Xbox? I've seen infant seats, booster seats, plastic cars that fit two toddlers or big kids attached to the front of the cart, and carts that have a traditional seat that fits two kids instead of one.

But even with all of these options, we can never be too safe when it comes to putting our children on top of a shopping cart, where the risk of falling exists. Sadly, a mom in Macon, Georgia learned this lesson in the most tragic way when her baby fell from the top of the shopping cart onto the ground and died.


Clearly all of the above options weren't available at the local Kroger's, as the 3-month-old was in her own car seat seat, balanced on top of the shopping cart. As a friend, and Kroger employee, pushed the cart over a speed bump, the infant seat fell to the ground, killing the newborn. It makes you pause when you think of how many times babies fall off a bed or a changing table, and be thankful this wasn't you.

Apparently this incident is not isolated as a local pediatrician said he sees injuries from children falling out of shopping carts about 10 times a year. Before you judge this woman, or other parents, harshly try and remember your worst trip to the grocery store with your child. Sometimes you just have to go to the store with babies in tow -- and it's not easy. Let's assume this woman was doing what she had to do at that time.

While this story isn't anywhere close to being a tragedy, just last week I had to go to the store with my toddler on a day when he was way overstimulated and hadn't napped. However, my husband was literally at the airport picking up house guests and we had no food in the house. It had been a crazy busy week with no time for errands and this was my one opportunity. My son was wild. He screamed when I put the seat belt on, so I took it off. Then he climbed onto me to get out of the cart -- repeatedly. I was very lucky he didn't crash to the ground when my head was turned. Very.

As moms of small children, we're doing the best we can. Yes we should always remember to secure our little ones no matter where we are; in the car, in the market, at the pool. And always remember that car seats have to be secured in the seat belt of your car, or in the large part of the cart. But instead of judging this poor mom, let's just remember that baby and buckle up our kids -- wherever they are.


Image via Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

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