Baby Photos Being Stolen on Facebook for Evil Reason

Facebook baby photos
Don't Steal Me!
It's 5 o'clock, do you know where your baby pictures you put on Facebook are? While I can't imagine anyone taking pictures of my babes and using them for nefarious reasons, apparently my imagination isn't as advanced as I thought it was. A 23-year-old teacher in the UK nabbed some unsuspecting mom's baby photos in a revenge plot against her ex-boyfriend, which was totally working. Until that crazy lady got busted.

You see, nut ball Victoria Jones wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Barberini, so she posted photos of a newborn on her own Facebook claiming her as her own. She continued to lift photos at events like Christmas and post them with the implication that this baby girl was Barberini's, and she was raising her alone.

But wait, it gets worse.


Jones decided to torture the ex (who apparently never visited her to get an up close and personal look at his daughter) by saying she had actually given birth to twins, but the boy was born with Down syndrome and died. What the hell, crazy pants?

Either way the jig was up when the supposed father was showing off the Facebook photos of his "daughter" and a friend recognized the baby as being someone else's. Yes, that was bound to happen. Especially since Jones swiped the baby photo from one of her own FB friend's pages. Smooth move, Facebook friend. Smooth. Move. Now Jones has been fired from her teaching job, as some people might object to having a lying, baby photo stealing crazy as their child's care taker. She will surely be banned from Facebook next and will have to live her life via Google+.

While no babies were harmed during this wacko, if not illegal, event, it will still make any proud mom pause. I mean, who is looking at my kid's baby photos? I would shrug it off, but this story makes me feel suddenly protective of those tiny jpgs.

Do you feel like your baby's photos are not safe on Facebook?

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