New Museum of Motherhood Shows Off Jaw-Dropping Displays

birth flagGet this: The recently opened Museum of Motherhood in NYC is the first museum ever in the world to be devoted to moms and moms alone! About time, right? You'd think we would've at least scored a wing in the Louvre by now.

Not surprisingly, the Museum of Motherhood was founded by a mom, and a pretty clever one at that. Joy Rose also started Mamapalooza, Inc. (perhaps you've attended one of the music festivals?) and was the lead singer for the rock band Housewives on Prozac. (Best band name ever? I think the answer is yes.)

The greatest thing about the museum is that the exhibits represent what being a mom is really like, both the joys and the frustrations. Some of which you probably never even allow yourself to think about ...


Like what the average mom's salary would be if motherhood was a paying gig, a topic explored in Alexia Nye Jackson's exhibit "Mother the Job" (by the way, in some countries, mothers actually are financially compensated). Or the horrific childbirth experiences our ancestors were forced to endure, presented in "Birth Practices Through the Ages" (be very, very glad you weren't a mom during Medieval times). Then there's the suffragette sitting room, a humbling reminder of how far we've come as mothers -- and how far we still need to go.

Check out these pics! There's an online exhibit, too, for those of you who won't be passing through NYC in the near future. 

pregnancy casts










Gorgeous handmade pregnancy casts by Mama Rocks Design








                                       Suffragette City to the Right!

moms who rock









Moms Who Rock!

Don't you think it's about time moms got our own museum?


Image at top: "The Birth Flag"

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