Are Boy Babies More Disgusting Than Girl Babies?

boy babies stink
Smelly Feet
Oddly, this is something that comes up in our house a lot: Who is more disgusting, boys or girls? Since I am a girl, and have a boy husband, and we have two children (one boy and one girl) it's an endless source of entertainment to discuss. So far, we're going with boys, based on the two that live in our home. Periods notwithstanding, the girls in this crew just seem a bit cleaner, and less oogy. 

This is a fact, I believe, that starts at birth. Yes, even your little bitty angel boys are disgusting. So I took an informal poll of my friends with the babies, and here are my non-scientific findings.


Boys are totally more disgusting. With one exception (a baby girl who likes to pull her outie belly button out even further), the baby boys seem to have already developed some pretty disgusting habits. One friend says her baby boy grunts in his sleep. Another has a drooler, and personally, my baby boy seemed to poop twice as much as his sister ever did.

You know what else is gross about baby boys? Foreskin. With all the uncirc'd kids around town, you or your best girlfriend is cleaning out some baby foreskin in her spare time. Although it's not quite on par with adult foreskin, and quite frankly, not any more gross than cleaning off a regular old penis. Cleaning a penis is just icky. Sorry guys, but it is. And with boys being slower on the potty training than girls, you're also going to get a lot more years of icky.

Even before the boys develop that foot and underarm odor, even before the skid marks on the underwear, even the male babies just have a funk. I'm betting if there was ever a study about that baby smell, scientists would discover that it wears off much faster on boys than girls. Just sayin'.

Do you have a disgusting baby boy?


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