Good Fathers Are As Important As Good Moms

If we ever get to a place where we say women are fine without men and we don't need men to be dads to our children or partners in our lives, then please just end me. Because I really happen to like men. A lot. And even more than that, we need men, maybe even more than we think.

It's very easy in the day-to-day in our lives to forget the vital role men play in raising a child. Now, obviously, there are so many kinds of families and not every family will be one man, one woman, 2.3 kids, and a dog named Shep. But in families where there is one dad and one mom, many times it's the mom who does the bulk of the child rearing and dad brings home the bacon.

This may be traditional, but more and more, it's clear that it isn't ideal. Dads need to get in there and be involved, too. It's good for everyone, in fact.


Men are, contrary to popular belief, actually very needed and, in fact, biologically programmed to be good dads. The more involved dads are, the more their testosterone lowers. This is a good thing for the family. It means he is less likely to stray and more involved with the family and then it becomes a cyclical, self-perpetuating thing.

In my own family, I see both my husband's and my strengths and weaknesses and the way they benefit our children. He is as involved as I am in many ways, and because of that, our children get the best of both of us. We work together to find solutions for our family.

His rough housing is as important for our kids as my cuddles. The more he is involved, the more they want to go to him with their boo-boos and the softer, more "mom" troubles. He loves them, too.

We both made this family and it's really nice for everyone to have an involved, loving dad. Dad's role is too undervalued in our society and we really have to stop that. It would be great if someday men are as encouraged as women to work flex hours, pick the kids up from school, and skip meetings so they can attend band practice.

It would be good for families, children, and society as a whole.

Do you think dads are important?


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