Dizzying Time Lapse of Baby Bathtime Shows Why Moms Are So Exhausted (VIDEO)

bathtime for babyI think we can all agree that babies are a ton of work. Take a small creature who is 100 percent dependent on you for every single thing in the world, and who doesn't really like to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time, and you've got your hands full. While (believe it or not) I hadn't ever thought about the time and effort the most simple tasks take with an infant, one couple did and made this time lapse video of the very mundane baby bathtime

So how come it's so fascinating?


I can't believe how many steps there are in making a baby sparkle like new. Two people, one baby, and still there are a lot of time-consuming tasks even with the double team. Cute ... and exhausting.

After watching this video, I can relate a heck of a lot more to those parents who don't think babies need a bath more than once week. That bathtime looks incredibly complicated. I've somehow blocked out what it was like to bathe my babies, but if I just remember what snack time was like when I was pumping, jeez. That time lapse video (which I would never show anyone, ever) would be a heck of a lot more mundane and much longer than this bath diddy. Also, not nearly as cute.

This video also made wonder how many times during a day does one touch their own baby? It seems like this baby was getting patted, scrubbed, and lotion-ed by a set of hands every second. And it's not like they were doing anything unusual. Just the basic baby bath.

And here's the understatement of the year: Babies, they keep you busy.

How cute is this?

Image via YouTube

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