4 Babies With Attitude Take Their First Steps (VIDEOS)

First Baby StepsI remember the first time I saw my friend's daughter, Sasha, start walking. It was almost as if she was floating! It was so unreal to see this little chubby crawler delicately glide across the room with the sort of grace I’d expect from a ballerina.
In contrast, my daughter Penny’s first steps were sort of Frankenstein-like, while my other daughter, Abby, who just started walking two weeks ago, looked like she was thinking, "I’d better run before I fall again!"
It made me wonder: Does every kid have a signature swagger when they take their very first steps? Here are some of my favorite videos of babies taking their first steps with tons of attitude. Which do you like best?





Here’s Abby, with a little step I like to call the "Run 'til You Drop":


Penny’s could be called "The Hip-Hop High-Step" with those deliberate, lifted leg movements:


My friend Lisa’s son, Noah, did the "Sneaky Pete," throwing down a couple quick steps that his parents had to fight to capture on camera:


But it’s her daughter, Lauren, who takes the cake -- the little scamp -- with "The Chocolate Chip" (Lisa, that’s cheating!):


What would you call your kid’s first steps?

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