Only a Cute Baby Can Make Sleeping in Your Food Look This Good (VIDEO)

Sleeping lunaWhen my daughter was born, I was warned that the first few months would be full of just three things. Her sleeping. Her eating. And just to change things up, she'd throw in pooping. If I wasn't so exhausted all the time, I probably would have noticed that babies are kind of boring.

Sometimes the most exciting thing they will do all day is try to combine TWO of the three things they've mastered. Fortunately, they're so darn cute when they're doing it that you forget the whole exhaustion/boring thing and just swoon. Like you will when you see little Luna, star of the new viral "OMG, my ovaries just flipped" video.


See, 5-month-old Luna is hungry.

No, no, she's tired.

Oh wait, but she's still hungry.

And yaaaaawn.

Come on folks, you really can't expect her to make up her mind. She's 5 months old! She's only just added smiling to the whole eating/sleeping/pooping routine. Give her a break! Or at least strap your ovaries in place and take a gander at little Luna trying her hand at mixing up things up for her parents during mealtime:

Oh the cuteness. I have to say Luna's parents have it made in the shade. Not only does their daughter look adorable when going back and forth between the sleep and eat stages of a baby's day, but she maintains a happy demeanor. I think with my kid it was "waaaaaaah, I'm tired" followed by "waaaaah, feeeeeed me." Lather, rinse, repeat. I'm a tad bit jealous.

Or maybe I'm just jealous of someone who can fall asleep with food on their face and still wake up looking that good? Did your baby do this?

Image via YouTube

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