Baby Bathtub Death Shows You Can't Let Your Guard Down

bathtub baby deathApparently we need some new bath time safety rules, as one mom thought it was okay to leave her 8-month-old baby soaking, with only her 2-year-old to supervise. Tragically, the baby drowned as mom hung out on the sofa eating cereal and taking a nap. Truly unbelievable, and yet another example of why we do have to tell new moms very simple baby and child care rules. We may all know that you never leave the room when your baby is around water, but obviously this lady thought her 2-year-old had it all under control.

While this is a truly horrible story, and again, the takeaway should be to never leave your baby in the bathtub unattended, is it really "Urgent Breaking News" as Nancy Grace puts it?


I mean, the baby is dead and the mom isn't out there eating cereal and taking naps with other babies in the tub. So there's no urgency in this matter. It is only urgent if this was something that every mom across America did on a regular basis, thus endangering babies constantly. Then, and only then, should Nancy Grace get all up in our business with her urgent breaking news. This is just another way Grace can get hysterical about moms who kill their kids.

Sure we're all disgusted by the cereal-eating, napping mom who is clearly not capable of being a parent. But let this be a reminder to never take your eye off your little ones in the tub, around pools, even near a bucket of water. Rather than a witch hunt for a mom who made a stupid and deadly mistake. What we should be focused on right now is the fact that children can drown in an incredibly short amount of time, and we should make sure every new mom knows that. You can't leave them alone to even run to the other room to grab a towel. Vigilance is the only way to keep your baby safe around water.

Sadly, this lady put snacking and sleeping way ahead of her children, and is now paying the ultimate price. Let it serve as a reminder to always, always be safe.

Have you ever left your baby alone in the tub?

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