Awesome New Breastfeeding Ad Debuts on Facebook


A friend of mine was playing a Facebook game ("Words With Friends") and noticed an advertisement that said, "Breastmilk." Curious, she took a screen shot of the ad to show it to our friends and me, and also clicked it to see where it would take you.

Once you click through to the site, an adorable song called "Cookie Jar" by Alice Saffer starts up, as pictures of adorable babies flash by, with some statement like, "World class athlete. Breastfeeding makes babies healthier." Turns out, this is a new ad campaign called "Every Ounce Counts" from the Women, Infants, and Children program -- what most people know of as WIC. Of course, that means that unless there's something more to it I don't know, this Facebook ad was funded by tax dollars, Texas' tax dollars, to be exact.

Personally, I'm very pleased.

The music playing on the "Every Ounce Counts" site is part of a collaborative CD called Sing to Me: A Lullaby Album, featuring the Dixie Chicks, Kelly Willis, and others. The lyrics, as I was watching the pictures of babies flash by, caught my attention:

Hey Mom, where'd you go, don't you know, love you so
Waiting patiently for that special thing you do with me
Hey Mom, bring it on, been too long, don't do me wrong
Time to breastfeed little me, it's gonna make me strong and so healthy
It keeps away diseases, helps prevent SIDS and diabetes
And hey Mom, it does good stuff for you

That's not the whole song, of course. It has a cute, light feel and I was pleasantly surprised! Not all of the songs have a breastfeeding theme, but a good six or more do, at least! You can listen to a lot of the songs or download the whole album from the website.

The "Every Ounce Counts" website has lots of information, from basic breastfeeding help to how you can become a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor through WIC, and lots of good videos that, unlike other companies, actually show breastfeeding regularly (yes, there are seriously "breastfeeding help" videos out there that never show it). There are also lots of good resources, especially for Texas moms.

After so many government efforts to promote breastfeeding have been shut down, it's nice to see a new one, especially one utilizing social media in a way where it'll definitely be seen, and one that takes nothing but a positive outlook, too. Plus, the whole website is just super cute. I'm going to burn the downloaded CD onto a disc so I can play it for my kiddos.

Do you like WIC's new ad campaign?


Images via Melissa Kirk; Breastmilk Counts

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Cacho... Cachorritos

Sweet! Way to go, TX! How about inspiring us down here in FL?

Kayla Still

love it!! and i BFed all three of mine!!

Pamela Riemenschneider

We had one of these as a billboard last year here in Austin.  Love it!   But then they changed the billboard to mcdonald's. Not Lovin' It.



Jaimie Leader-Goodale

I love when I see the breastfeeding ads from the DE WIC here... i thnk it's great!

Josephine Sarah Martinez Valencia

I breast fed my 3rd child, and I completely loved it! Just wish i was able to do it with my first 2 (wasn't able to due to certain medical reasons) but the experience w my 3rd was amazing! Will be breastfeeding any future children we may have as well, and I have the WIC program to thank also for encouraging me to BF!

norwg... norwgnwood


chloe... chloesmom714

Way to go TX! I work for WIC in OH and would LOVE to see this happen here!

pebos... pebos_mama

im from texas and was offered a job as a breastfeeding peer counselor and wanted to do it so badly but had to leave to follow husbands job, i love nursing my 13 mth old daughter, and pumping for my older toddler. i think WIC is an amazing source of support for first time nursing moms. everyone i know has been trying to get me to wean since she was born but i know the benefits of extended nursing and i love it.

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