What You Need to Know About the New Infant Acetaminophen

teething baby tylenolIf you've got a baby growing teeth, or you just want to prepare for cold and flu season, you may notice something different in the infant medicine aisle. Instead of Tylenol's concentrated infant drops, a new formula is coming to a drug store near you. In fact, it's possible you haven't even seen any infant Tylenol or Motrin products on the shelves of your local stores in quite some time. There's a reason for that, and there's a reason these new formulas should replace your old ones.

So take a peek in your medicine cabinet, and see what you've got in the way of baby acetaminophen. Ready?


If your bottle of infant Tylenol has the word "concentrated" on it, it's the old school version. It's been pulled due to some parents giving too large of a dosage to babies. Instead, the new versions are not concentrated and will come with a syringe, versus a dropper, for administration.

Still, with this precautionary change, always speak to your pediatrician before giving a baby medication. Even Tylenol, even when you're feeling desperate. There are no recommendations on packages of medication for children under the age of 2 for a reason. You must work closely with your baby's doctor to get the right dosage for those fevers and teething pains. Which are coming, if they haven't already, to a baby near you.

Also, these guys are no longer available, and you should probably toss them:

discontinued tylenol infant

Be safe this cold and flu season, and make sure you're treating your baby's pain, fever, or crankiness in the safest possible manner.

Are you using the new acetaminophen?


Images (top to bottom): nerissa's ring/Flickr, Tylenol

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