Megan Fox Is Smart About Parenthood

Megan Fox may be not all that bright about a number of things (memo to Fox: It isn't wise to compare anyone to Hitler). Still, one thing she is smart about, it seems, is having a child. The 25-year-old actress who is married to Brian Austin Green wants to wait until she is financially stable and can ensure that her child will be, too, before she becomes a mother. At last! Something smart about child rearing from an actress.

The fact is, financial stability should be a factor when considering having a child. Now, obviously, Fox's idea of financial stability and mine are probably different (hers likely includes a lot more zeros), but the principle is a good one.

Too many people choose to have babies they can't afford. And that isn't good for anyone.


One of the most popular things people tell you when you're considering having a baby is: "If you waited until you could afford it, you would never have a baby at all." It's true, of course. At some point, you just have to take the leap.

On the other hand, there are huge benefits to waiting as well. My husband and I had children while my husband was still working on his PhD and I was recently done with grad school and wasn't in a job I wanted to keep. The timing was what it was, but had we been older and a bit more established, it may have been better financially. Maybe.

In the end, we are fine financially and otherwise, but it was more of a struggle than it had to be at times and there are still things we want that we have to wait to get because of the high cost of childcare.

I know we aren't alone and, to be fair, we likely have it better than most. Even still, Fox is being shrewd about her choices. Right now, her career is hot and her body, which is her stock and trade, is perfect. So now is the time to make money. Later is the time to have kids.

Good for her, at 25, to know what to do. It's too bad so few people think like her.

Do you think it's important to be financially stable first?


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