5 Celebrity Moms Who Make Sweet Mushy Baby Talk Totally Awesome

Christina applegete tweet

Some celebrity moms on Twitter just stick to business on their Twitter accounts (I'm talking to you, Heidi Klum). They tweet to promote their latest work and talk about their appearances on this or that and blah blah blah -- yawn! We want to hear about the littles, yo!

If you, too, want to follow some moms in the height of baby love, there are several go-to mama stars who tweet sweet mushy lovey dovey words about their babies, and they do it with such heart, it's not even one bit annoying. In fact, some of these tweets are so sweet, I often end up with an intense case of baby lust after reading them. Oh, Christina Applegate, you slay me with baby love!

Here are 5 celebrity moms who make us love baby babble!


1. Christina Applegate, daughter Sadie, age 7 months:

(see sweet tweet above)

2. Alyssa Milano, son Milo, age 2 weeks:

Alyssa Milano tweet

3. Pink, daughter Willow, age 3 months:

Pink tweet

4. Jessica Alba, daughters Honor, age 3, and Haven, age 1 month:

Jessica Alba

5. Diablo Cody, son Marcello, age 1:

diablo cody tweet

Oy! Must ... find ... baby ... to squeeze ... immediately!

Do you love reading what celebrity mom have to say about their babies?


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