Amazing Baby Brought Back to Life Makes Us Believe (VIDEO)

It's hard to imagine anything scarier than not knowing if your baby is going to make it or not. Kelsey Nicole Dinger was born in 2008 with no heartbeat. Doctors worked to revive her, and though after 20 minutes they were able to, they made no promises as to the quality of her life. Her story is nothing short of amazing. 

After trying an experimental treatment using lowered body temperature to help heal her, their baby thrived and all the things the doctors said she might never do -- eat, drink, come home with them -- she did and how.

Her parents, devout Christians, see G-d* in what happened and have made a video about their Christian faith and how it saw them through and, although I am not Christian, I am not one to take away from their miracle. See below:


It really is an astounding story, and no matter what you believe religiously, it lifts you up to remember that even in the darkest times where hope seems so lost, it can be found.

For these parents, I have nothing but compassion. To go through those weeks of not knowing and worrying would be like torture. Really, when you think about it, every healthy child is a miracle.

Neither of my children has had struggles like Kelsey, but I am still grateful to G-d, the universe, Mother Nature, the Goddess, whomever, that they are thriving and happy and healthy. We should never take one second for granted, and stories like these remind me of this.

My heart goes out to the Dinger family and I am so glad their story has such a happy ending.

How does this story make you feel?


* Editor's note: I write G-d because in the Jewish religion we are taught that this is a respectful way to refer Him.

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