Kendra Wilkinson Drank Her Own Breast Milk and So Should You

kendra wilkinson, hank baskett, hank jrCelebs ... they're just like us! Or are they? Kendra Wilkinson raised eyebrows recently by admitting that she drank her own breast milk when she was nursing her now 21-month-old son, Hank Jr. Who would do such a thing??

Hold your judgmental horses. First of all, Kendra wasn't pumping her own private stash and telling the barista at Starbucks to make her latté with it or anything. Kendra just dabbled in breast milk, you know, at parties. Every now and then.

No, I'm not kidding.


What else was the former Girl Next Door supposed to do when her boobs started leaking at big events but duck into the nearest bathroom and breastfeed herself?

Hey, at least Kendra says her milk "tasted sweet." (I always did think she seemed like a nice girl.)

In all seriousness, WHO CARES if Kendra drank her own breast milk?? Why is it weird to consume milk from your own breast but perfectly acceptable to drink milk squeezed out of a cow's udder? Really, think about it. Yeah. Which one is weirder?

The fact that people think what Kendra did is soooo bizarre simply serves as further proof that our society has some big-time issues with breasts. They're for sex! No, they're for babies! Wait, they can't be for both! Oh my god, a nipple! Look away, look away!

Get over it, people. I think pretty much every breastfeeding mom I knew, myself included, tasted her own milk at some point, either by accident or out of curiosity. (And don't tell me men wouldn't do the same thing.) Kendra's right; it does taste sweet. Which explains why your baby is a total breast-milkaholic.

Spill it ... did you ever taste your own breast milk?


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