'Up All Night' Gets the Humor & Horror of New Parenthood (VIDEO)

Christina Applegate Will Arnett
Christina Applegate & Will Arnett take on
new parenthood in Up All Night
Who's seen the super-funny previews for the new Christina Applegate and Will Arnett sitcom Up All Night, and who's as excited as I am for it to start? Why? Because we REALLY NEED A GOOD, FUNNY SHOW ABOUT NEW PARENTHOOD. I mean, Desperate Housewives gave it a go in its first season (I'll never forget Lynette's perfectly pitched SAHM "breakdown"), but it was all downhill after they changed writers. Then there were short-lived shows like In the Motherhood, which never took off. Raising Hope is great but mostly because of its brilliant celebration of the nontraditional. Modern Family and Parenthood take on parenting with honesty and humor, but not new parenthood, not the days of sleepless, erratic, mind-blowing, love-filled, craze-filled, OhMyGodI'maMotherNow parenthood.

So I'm putting an extra lot of hope in Up All Night because I want it to be good so badly -- for the sake of new and old parents everywhere.


New parents Reagan and Christopher are played by the hilarious Applegate and Arnett (god, is there a more perfectly matched funny and lovable couple?), and the hysterical Maya Rudolph plays the host of a daytime talk show where Reagan is returning to work. With this dynamic cast, Up All Night is off to a good start. Plus, the show's creator is Emily Spivey (Parks and Recreation, SNL), Applegate (who's a new mom herself) is a producer, and Lorne Michaels (SNL) is the executive producer.

Applegate told E!: "I read the script and I really laughed because it was dangerous."

I like it already! Dangerous translates, for me, to territory people are afraid to talk about in parenting and motherhood, and as a parent, those are all the things I want to talk about! Needed intensely to talk about when I was in it! And if this show can add a little humor to the experience, even better!

WATCH this awesome Up All Night sneak peek:

Up All Night premieres on NBC on Wednesday, September 14. Fingers crossed that it will deliver!

Are you looking forward to Up All Night?


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