Nanny Cams Just Got Even Creepier

spy camI don't think I've ever met someone who actually owned a nanny cam. Most of us have made do with the old-fashioned "Who have you babysat for? Yeah, OK, I want their phone number before I'll hire you." So it's no wonder the folks who believe in selling us the Big Brother mentality as an inherent part of the parenting puzzle have stepped up their game. That nanny cam? Well, it just got a lot creepier.


Introducing the modern spy cam. Which allows you to wirelessly remote in to check out the view of what's going on in your home from anywhere in the globe. You can zoom in, watch live action, stop, pause, rewind, record. Everything that a spy cam should do, really, and probably there's a use for it. If your house gets broken into a lot and you're planning a vacation, this is the way to go.

I'm not knocking technology for marching forward.

I am, however, a wee bit perturbed to see it being promoted as a way to keep up with the kiddos. See, this one spy cam on the market was pitched to me -- as hundreds of products are every week -- because I'm a parenting blogger, as a parenting tool. But this one struck me as particularly creepy. This isn't being put to you as a way to keep people from robbing your house or a webcam-set-up for when your kids are at college and you want to keep in touch.

This is not so subtly suggesting you spy. On the kids.

I mean, telling Dad that he can put one in his garage so he can "check up on his toys," as if he can't just tell the kids "stay the frig out of there, m'kay," is some craptastic version of latchkey. And I'm not entirely enthused with the idea that Dad should use his handy dandy spy cam to check in on the kids hitting batting practice in the backyard instead of, oh, I don't know, getting off his butt and spending time with his kids. Trust me, saying, "Oh, I saw it on the spycam" is not going to cut it when your 26-year-old asks where the heck you were his whole childhood. 

And because they're equally opportunity crappy parent supporters, the folks behind the Vue even admit Mom "especially loves her kids." And with their little gee-gaw, she can see them from anywhere! Just what a helicopter mom needs! The ability to leave her house and still be overbearing!

Go ahead, tell me I'm overreacting. But if my kid needs to be spied on, she shouldn't be alone in the house. If my kid's babysitter needs to be spied on, she shouldn't be alone with my kid. And I spend enough time with my child that I think I can skip tracking the minutiae of her daily life from an office building.

How about you? Do you think it's "good parenting" to install a spy cam in the house?


Image via Anonymous9000/Flickr

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