Victoria Beckham Baby Is Too Young for Fashion Week

It seems Victoria Beckham believes that one is never too young to start thinking about fashion, a fact she proved by bringing her 2-month-old daughter out with her to NYC Fashion Week. And sure, baby Harper was probably good, and if she wasn't, Beckham probably had a plan, but still. Something about it just smacks of the ooky, if you know what I mean.

After being the mom to three boys for so long, it stands to reason that Posh was dying for a girl, but if her only motivation was to turn her into a spoiled fashionista before she can even teeter in her stilettos, I just can't get behind it.

Fashion is fine and I like to shop with my daughter, but I also am careful to not foster an overweening sense of materialism and appearance-obsession before she is able to form her own, defined thoughts about the world.


OK, maybe it's an overreaction and she is only bringing her baby because she isn't ready to be away from her yet. If that is the case, then fine. But judging from Posh, it doesn't seem like it.

My guess is she is going to be pushing the fashion early and hard. In itself, there is nothing wrong with fashion. It's a means of self expression, a release for creativity, and a fun way for mother and daughter (and son, too!) to bond, but it can also be bad for little girls and their sense of self.

Poor little Harper is probably already doomed as far as body image goes given her mother's obsession with weight, but the fashion industry is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to female lumps and bumps. No child should be exposed to that kind of thinking before their brain has even developed.

Baby Harper may be the most fashionable little girl on the planet, and lord knows, I can't wait to see her ensembles, but it's also too early for the catwalk. Let's at least let her learn to speak first!

Do you think she is too young to go to the fashion shows?


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