Bethenny Frankel Expects Too Much From Her Child

Bethenny Frankel is as famous for being skinny as she is for almost anything else, so when the food-conscious mogul of Skinnygirl, who has made her whole life revolve around having a thin body, announces that she has decided to raise her toddler daughter as a vegetarian, it raises some flags. But raising a vegetarian child isn't in itself a bad decision.

Of course, that depends on whether mom is a vegetarian, too. In this case, she isn't. And that is where it starts to get weird.

For some, veganism and other strict diets done in the name of health are actually eating disorders in disguise, but staying away from meat isn't necessarily. In many ways, it's healthier. Though meat is an easy way to get protein, it isn't the only way and Frankel is being smart about it.

She told the Daily Mail:


I chose not to have her be vegan because I believe she needs the fat and protein in milk, and sometimes I need her to fill up on organic cheese. Her health comes first. Also, if she didn’t eat so many beans and good proteins, I might change this approach. 

Still, the fact that she says she eats "everything" but expects her daughter to eat only leaves, grains, and legumes seems a little odd. It would be one thing if she were a dedicated vegetarian herself. But she isn't.

To be fair, we all do this to a certain degree. I wouldn't hesitate to wolf down a pack of M&M's before dinner, but I would never hesitate to tell my kids they have to eat first. I have eaten nothing but yogurt and a banana for dinner, but I expect my children to eat a more balanced meal.

We all want the best for our kids and Frankel likely (hopefully) wants her daughter to be healthy, not merely thin. But it's a big thing to put on a 15-month-old. Hopefully at a certain point, she will allow her to make her own food choices, too.

Would you raise a vegetarian child?


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