Evenflo's Controversial Breastfeeding Pump Video Angers Moms


evenflow breastfeeding videoI was hard on Evenflo in the past for a car seat commercial that was supposed to be funny, but instead struck me as incredibly irresponsible, especially since they didn't even use their own car seat correctly. But I'm not sure it came close to how appalled I am by a new commercial for their "Simply Go" breastfeeding pump.

I got to see the video, and I'll describe it to you. But you can't see it. The extremely negative reaction they got made them lock down the video as "private" and they even changed their Facebook settings to only show their posts, and not allow people to post to their wall. Yeah, it was that bad. Then again, their negative Facebook and Twitter posts the other day didn't help either. So here are the details ....

The video featured the same mom and dad duo they're using in most of their videos lately, including the car seat video. The in-laws show up, and as mom sits in the living room "breastfeeding" (it was VERY obvious she wasn't ... ugh), Mother-in-Law comes in and comments on how small the wife's breasts are, then says, "Can she even get enough milk out of those?" Father-in-Law walks in and loudly, in an attempt to show his extreme discomfort, starts talking about spackling the ceiling. (I'm doing this from memory, remember ... maybe it was the wall.)

Skip forward, and Mother-in-Law is harassing the mother about how EVERYONE needs to feed the baby, how EVERYONE should get to and how important it is. Father-in-Law is busy complaining for way too long about no creamer or half-and-half in the fridge for his coffee. Rather than standing up for his wife, the husband retreats to the bedroom with his wife. She pulls out a pump, and he asks her something about, "Didn't you hate pumping?" or "Didn't it hurt/not work for you?" She said YES, she hated it, but she was going to do it anyway.

Mom walks back out with a bottle WAY too full of milk for someone who never pumps, and Father-in-Law thinks it's creamer, pours it in his coffee, and makes the most disgusted face ever.

So, basically, what they taught in this video is:

  • breastfeeding is very embarrassing
  • breast size matters in milk production
  • you shouldn't defend yourself and neither should your spouse
  • with a title like "How to Endure the In-Laws Feeding Frenzy," the solution is to give in to their every demand
  • you should pump even if you hate it or it hurts just to please others
  • even people who never pump should be able to pump a full bottle very quickly
  • the name of the pump even implies that pumping makes traveling EASIER (it doesn't)
  • breast milk tastes disgusting

They finally unlocked their Facebook page and issued a statement that was supposed to be an apology, saying they support all moms' feeding choices and wanted to spark conversation through lively humor. Well folks, we ain't laughing. We didn't laugh the other day when you implied on your Facebook and Twitter pages that nursing in public was something moms were only forced to do and needed to find a spot to hide in to do it either. My friend Annie, of PhD in Parenting, blogged about that, complete with screenshots, and repeated my sentiment as well that when you chose to fall from being compliant with the World Health Organization's Code, you decided to fall FAR. Yikes.

Do you think Evenflo means to offend moms, or do you think they care?


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Leanne Carnegie

Wow!  Apparently Evenflo needs to hire some women who have actually breastfed to review their marketing material.   I haven't seen the video, but if it's as bad as all that... man.   Someone's getting fired!   

I understand they're trying to sell a product.. but they should target it at the women who actually need it, like, working moms... or if they want to use some humor in that situation (and gain the favor of breastfeeding moms), they should have the parents standing up to the In Laws on this issue.   

All press is good press?  I don't think so... I certainly will be staying away from evenflo products in the future.

Jmum Jmum

I don't think they care. I think they want to sell bottles and pumps. Women who are comfortable breastfeeding in front of their in-laws don't need pumps.

miche... micheledo

Sounds to me that whoever works on advertising just has the same views as most people in the States.  Maybe they should get some breastfeeding moms to work for them (moms who have successfully breastfed multiple babies for years - because I know my knowledge of breastfeeding after just nursing my first was severly limited).

nonmember avatar Leslie

I did see the video and it was INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE. The annoying thing is that it didn't need to be. They are trying to sell breast pumps and bottles. My 9 month old has never had formula ever, however, I work, so I've used a pump for months and months as well as bottles. So, despite being a breast feeding mom, I still use the products that they sell. That being said, when I am with my child, I would never, ever pump instead of nursing. Why in the hell would I do that. What would have been great and made me want to buy their products is if they showed the woman diplomatically (becausee the in laws are assholes), explaining how it works and how it's not something to be offended by or ostracized. Then, something about pumping for when you are away... would that really be so hard????

Crystal Hemphill Daniels

Wow! That's all I can say to this type of stupid. It's obvious Evenflo does not know the value of breastfeeding, nor do they want to empower mothers.

Stephanie Morales

I'm more appalled at the censorship they've evoked with shutting comments down. WTG.

nonmember avatar Stacy H

see, when i heard that they decided to stop being WHO code compliant, i decided to stop buying their products. but when they decided to put out this insane commercial, i decided to get VOCAL about them as a poor choice in product.

how do you like them apples, evenflo?

Jaimie Leader-Goodale

i've seen the video a couple of times.  The grandmother even mentioned "how her friend who's grandmother to X # of children says it's very important that EVERYONE feed the baby for bonding purposes" (very anti BF'ing) - and the pumping part - hubby says "didn't it hurt/not work?" and she says yes - but now I have my secret weapon - then she pulls out the evenflow pump.  I think they would have accomplished their goal of advertising the pump, AND getting G'parents to feed, with out being derogatory, by having mom pump, and then offer the G'parents a chance to baby sit with pumped milk on hand so parents could maybe have a date night.  Would have accomplished same things and not been totally anti-BF'ing...


Vanessa Birth-mama Silversmith

It seems like they don't care if they offend breastfeeding moms.  Their advertising tactics are unethical.  I'm appalled when I hear that some women choose to exclusively pump when they are stay-at-home moms.  In my opinion, it is sooo much easier and a better experience for both mom and baby to breastfeed.  I pumped occasionally because I have to work full-time and when my son was an infant I was blessed to live within 2 minutes from my work and was able to go home and nurse him 2-3 times per day.

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