Jessica Alba Makes New Moms Feel Bad

jessica alba baby weightBefore I start jumping on the celebrity mom, I would like to say that I think Jessica Alba is absolutely adorable. Adorable. She seems as down-to-earth as one can be when you're a mega-star. She shows up to movie premieres nine months pregnant, she eats at Chili's at LAX (hey, Jessica, we were at the other end of the bar!), and she's yet to serve as a bad example to others through immature stunts and substance-fueled Hollywood nights.

But now, I'm very disappointed in the mom to brand new baby Haven. It seems Jessica Alba has started working out to get the baby weight off only two weeks after giving birth. Two weeks!


Yes, this is her business. New moms are entitled to do whatever crazy they want to do, even if it means 40 minutes of cardio while your body is still recovering from childbirth. I know it's her job to look good, but two weeks? Two weeks after having a baby is not the ideal time to show your endurance at the gym. But hey, if you want to, go for it. Maybe you need a break from the baby, totally understandable. Maybe you need to feel like your body is your own again. I get it. Just keep it to yourself.

Alba has been tweeting her workouts for all the world to see, and setting the rest of us average moms up for failure. Heck, I can't get 40 minutes of cardio into my day and it's been two-and-a-half years since I last gave birth. I distinctly remember getting lightheaded the first time I went out for a walk after giving birth. Meeting up with a personal trainer would have been the last thing on my to-do list.

All right, Jessica, we know you're a totally kickass mom, and lady. It's obvious you've got it all, Alba. And now I'm going to go stare at my remaining baby weight and decide whether I can take a shower today or do some crunches. Or neither, and just feel guilty.

What do you think about Jessica Alba working out already?


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