This 'Surprise' Full-Term Baby Actually Makes Sense

babyMelissa Judd from Indiana just became the mother to a 5 lbs. baby boy she did not even know she was pregnant with until the moment she delivered him. For those of us who knew the moment the sperm hit the egg, these kinds of stories are always a little hard to believe, but this time, I really do.

Judd was feeling crampy and had to go to the bathroom when all of a sudden, she delivered a baby in the toilet. "Survival instinct took over," said Judd who managed to get through the pain in order to deliver her baby and carry him over to her neighbor's (a medical technician) house. It sounds insane, but she says she had no other sign. In fact, she lost 15 pounds while she was pregnant.

It's possible, right?


For the first time, I kind of believe it. Even though I knew the second time before I even took a test, even though my body started changing the day we conceived both times. But it is probably possible to totally miss the signs even if you aren't someone who is completely out of touch with your body.

The fact is, it is rare, but some women do maintain their period throughout their pregnancies. And they lose weight instead of gaining it. It is possible. And though I think I would still have some inkling given the other body changes, I can see how it might be possible to just miss the signs.

That said, I can't even imagine what I would feel if I thought I had to take a poop and ended up with a baby. Currently, I am not sure I would be so chill about the whole thing as Judd who is saying he is a "blessing."

The nine months of pregnancy is prep time physically, of course. You buy the crib and the changing table and the diapers, etc. But it is also the time to emotionally prepare. Having a baby is no small thing and most of us need time to adjust to the idea. When I had my children, I was thrilled, but I did spend the first few days after the double lines showed up on the pee stick freaking out.

Had my baby arrived that day, I would have been a mess. Babies are amazing, no doubt and the births of both of my children were the best two days of my life. But the adjustment time made that so. Without it, I am not sure how I would feel.

Can you believe this story?




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