Bad Drivers Forcing Me to 'Baby on Board' My Car

bring back baby on boardRemember the '80s? Big purple hair, lots of lace and spandex in day-glo colors, and that sign of boring middle-age everywhere -- the "Baby on Board" yellow triangle? This sign may have been mocked endlessly, but now that I'm a mom, I so totally want to start a campaign for the return of the "Baby on Board" signs. Seriously. Does this make me lame? Yes, but if you'd been involved in as many close calls as I've been since I moved to Los Angeles in the last year, you'd also be considering plastering a big yellow "nerd mom" sign to your back window.

I realize complaining about traffic in LA is like complaining about all that snow in Colorado, but here it is: People of Los Angeles, please stop threatening the lives of my children by your crazy a** driving. Actually, let's open this up to the entire U.S. of A.


New York, you're not any better. I'm remembering a close call when I was strolling my daughter across a small street in Brooklyn and some jerkwad decided he had to make a right turn without noticing the pedestrians. Of course then, I could scream profanities and flip him the bird, secure in my knowledge that he knows, that I know, he's a horrible person who almost hit a baby in a carriage.

As a former resident of Texas, I'm also going out on a limb and saying you guys have some drivers with issues sharing the road with your precious cargo. So as a resident of all three coasts, I know I'm not the only frightened mom who wishes people would remember your crappy driving could hurt an innocent child. Let's get it on it, America! Heck, the original guy is still making these things, you just have to track down a store in order to purchase. We can do that! We built the Hoover Dam, we're Americans! We can surely kick start production on these "Back off, my cargo is important" signs. After all, aren't the '80s totally back?

So let's do it. Go buy your "Baby on Board" sign today. I'll be right behind you, driving carefully.

Would you put a "Baby on Board" sign in your car?


Image via Safety 1st

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