Alyssa Milano Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Best Name Ever


alyssa milanoCongratulations, Alyssa Milano!! The 38-year-old actress and her husband, David Bugliari, welcomed their first baby this morning: A son, named Milo Thomas. Yay!

Now we know why petite Milano's belly was so big -- Milo weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, and is 19 inches long. And how much do I love this baby's name?? Neither everyday ordinary nor outrageously weird, "Milo Thomas" is both cool and classic.

I can already tell Milo's going to be a pretty cool kid, too. How? You could say it's written in the stars ...

Milo's birthdate is 9:27 a.m., August 31st, so Milano has a little Virgo baby on her hands! That means Milo will have excellent manners and will most likely organize his toys by color, shape, and size (no messy room for this kid). Well done, Alyssa!

What do you think of the name Milo Thomas?

Image via Carrie Reed/Flickr

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JuliaW JuliaW

I like the name but 7 pounds is not a very big baby.

SisBoom SisBoom

My baby was 9 pounds 13 oz. and 23 inches long. blowing kisses

chari... charity62

blog ask what you thought of the baby name not the weight of baby     name sounds strange to me

sweet... sweetmom1007

It's nice. Glad everything is well with her and baby. I used to watch her in "Who's The Boss". She's only 4 years younger than me.

nonmember avatar Z

Ummmm, 7 lb and 19 in is on the small side of average. That's really not remarkable.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Not sure why you think 7lbs is big, but I do like the name. 

2love 2love

Hmmm 7lbs is pretty normal and milo sounds like a dog name really... I still feel bad for my sons brother lol

nonmember avatar Sparkles

Love this little guy's name! Milo - I think it is in reference to her last name, Milano.

bree_... bree_gabys_mom

Could be a cook kid but when I hear the name Milo I think if this movie

Four young grade-school girls witness the murder of one of their classmates during what they thought was just an innocent game. The killer is a strange young boy named Milo Jeeder. Sixteen years later, the four survivors of the event re-unite under happier circumstances in the same town where it happened. They believe that Milo drowned in a river shortly after the murder, but soon learn that the demonic killer Milo has also returned, still a young boy, unchanged even after almost two decades. Written by Patrick D.

Bella... Bellarose0212

I agree that 7 lbs is small or normal. Don't understand why author thinks that is so big. Also, was her belly so big? The biggest she looked pregnant seemed normal to me in the photos I just googled, for a close-to-term pregnant woman.

Milo sounds like a nice name to me.

Congratulations to Alyssa Milano.

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