Why Are So Many New Moms Choosing Sterilization?


moms sterilizationIt seems once you have a new baby, everyone wants to know when you're going to have another one. As if you're really thinking about putting your body through swelling, ripping, and bleeding so soon. I'm not sure if new moms are just getting tired of the question, or simply being practical, but a new study shows that more new moms are choosing sterilization shortly after giving birth rather than a non-permanent birth control option like the IUD. Now that's a strong reaction to the birth of your child. 

I've always admired women who know exactly what they want out of life. I've been on the, "Hey, let's see what's next!" train for most of mine (which explains how my first child came to be, at least) and the idea of doing something so permanent to my body is frightening. Limiting my choices has never been the path I've taken, but obviously, it makes sense to 1 in 13 women who are opting for tubal sterilizations shortly after childbirth.

The study did not break down by demographics, and I do wonder about income level, and urban vs. rural. I only say this because I do know women in my home state of Oklahoma who have opted for tubal sterilization (even my own dad asked when I was getting it done -- yikes!) but I don't know any moms in New York or LA that chose this option. Or anyone who has announced it to me, I should say. The procedure does cost more than an IUD, but is also oftentimes covered by insurance. It would be interesting to hear from women who chose surgery over other types of birth control.

While I do believe you (or your partner, hello vasectomy!), are being responsible when you take a drastic measure after you're confident you don't want to have any more children, the study brought up one concerning statistic: Women under the age of 25 were also opting for sterilization instead of a reversible IUD. That's awfully young to make a permanent decision about whether or not you want to have more children. Still, your body, your choice. I just know if I were stuck with the decisions I made at 25, I'd be living in Texas, talking about art, and hoping someone would pay me for it. In other words, hot, sweaty, and poor.

Did you choose sterilization after childbirth?


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hutch... hutchfam2007

Totally agree with you FourKidsSoFar! I was appalled by that comment but I only have one so far so I have no argument to back up why I dont agree with it ;)

xavie... xavierlogan09

i wanted to. since i was 23 when my son was born and not married no doctor or hospital would tie my tubes. they all said i had to have more than one child and be in my late twenties. i decided when i was pregnant that i only wanted one child. so i got the iud since i couldn't get a tubal. if i am able to get the tubal in the future i will.

hutch... hutchfam2007


I really hope you do not end up regretting your decision. Im not saying that you will and I dont know your reasons for choosing to do what you did. Just speaking from personal experience. When I was pregnant and even up to a year after my daughter was born I was dead set that I was not putting myself through that again! I was dead set that I did not want any more.period. But as my daughter got older and the memories faded of pregnancy and whatnot ;) We changed our minds and are now trying for #2. And you could just as easily say you hope I dont regret my decision and I wouldnt be offended one bit... Well, I hope I dont either! lol.

nonmember avatar Rhianon

I thought about being 'sterillized' after having my daughter& I still believe that I will in the next 4 years, because I just do not want anymore children, I lovee the one I have and I wouldn't want more. Being as I am only 22, however, I wouldn't get it done now, who knows I could end up with someone else & they might want kids...I don't think anyone under 25 should even be allowed to do it unless they have two kids & are married. It might sound like a good idea but when your 'baby alarm' goes off, you might be really disapointed..

sunny... sunnybunny5us

So you don't think the number of kids you have matters? While I respect your right to live your life the way you see fit,  I think the number of children one has matters a lot for much more important reasons than whether or not they can "afford" them financially. 

Melis... Melissa042807

Nope. When we decide we're done having kids, it's HIS turn to do something to his body. :-)

nonmember avatar Cynthia

sunnybunny5us, I can't believe that in this day and age you would think it's ok for ANYONE to tell ANYONE ELSE how many kids they can/should have for ANY reason! It's a highly personal choice how many children anyone has and, yes it is impacted by many things not limited to how many you can afford. And if you're reasoning is environmental impact, there are a lot of larger families that have a smaller impact than many smaller families!

Pua Smith

I won't be getting a tubal, my husband wants to take care of that so my body can catch a break, plus it's an easier reversal. We are pregnant with #3 and once this one is out, he'll be getting it done. We're 24. My mom had hers done after my birth (I wasn't a c/s, but the doctor did it immiedately after since my mom has a horrifying fear of being put under) and I was #5. I think my paernts age (they were early 30's) and the fact that we were a military family played in the decision.

mommy... mommyme2440

i got a tubal after my 3rd child with my husband. i was/am 25. my soon to be sil wants no bio kids ever, but can't find anyone to give her a tubal or iud at 19. (btw i agree with no tubal, but no the no iud))

level... level1fevi

my SIL is under 25 and got her done a few months ago after #3 came while she was on and IUD.  the dr didn't want to do it becaues she was so young, but they really don't want anymore kids and the IUD didn't work the first time.

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