'Designer Diapers' Are a Complete Waste

For the past 4.5 years, I have had one child in diapers, sometimes even two. I hate diapers. They're expensive, they smell, they're annoying to remember and cumbersome to carry. No amount of pretty packaging or nice exteriors will make diapers any less frustrating. So when Huggies starts to talk about designer diapers, I have to laugh.

Why would I pay any more than I already do so my baby or toddler (or preschooler, help me!) can poop in a diaper with a pretty design? The idea is insane.

But these designer diapers are cropping up, mostly in response to the jean diaper that came out last year. Apparently it was a big seller (why G-d? Why?), so they're rolling them out again.


The Huggies Camo diaper is blue camo, and what is cool is that for every package sold, Huggies will donate one diaper to a military service family in need. It's only at Wal-Mart. Of course, there have also been floral diapers and argyle ones and even ruffles. And while it's cute and all, especially in the warmer summer months, it's hard to imagine why anyone would spend the extra 20 percent to have their child's bottom covered in flowers.

Huggies says it's about compliments from other moms. Maybe it is. But personally, I am much more impressed when my friends' kids don't need diapers at all.

It's hard to imagine wanting to spend more on "pretty" diapers, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I am going to stick with the "cheap" Pampers pull-ups and hope that at some point we won't need any diapers at all.

Do you want designer diapers?


Image via Huggies

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