Natalie Portman Turns Down Role for Best Reason Ever

natalie portman babyFor all of us who cannot wait to see Natalie Portman in her first post-baby role, we're just going to have to -- for now. Portman has turned down her first role in the film Adaline, so we're thinking she might be stepping out of the spotlight for a long time. Especially since Portman mentioned she might be interested in walking away from work in order to raise a family while she was pregnant. Looks like she might be making good on that random thing she said in an interview and emulating her idol, Audrey Hepburn.

Like Hepburn, I'd hate to think of all the talent we'd be missing as consumers of every awesome thing Portman does. But as a mom, I say, "You go, Natalie!"


While Portman isn't exactly on maternity leave, and she has plenty of money to kick back and not work for awhile, I still think she's setting an awesome example for new moms everywhere. We all -- even famous, award-winning actresses -- have a desire to still be seen as viable, professionally, after we have a baby.

Even the most dedicated stay-at-home moms might feel the twinge if they actually loved their job before taking off. Think about the urge if you'd just come off winning an Oscar. The offers of quality work must be flooding in along with baby gifts to Portman. In fact, the story of the rejected role in Adaline sounds fascinating as a woman who has not aged since the 1900s suddenly decides it's worth it to reject immortality. Juicy, right? Much more so than that promotion at the office.

Still, Portman holds. And I hope she sticks to her plan and enjoys her family life. Honestly, for a talent like Portman, Hollywood will always be waiting. Her babies will grow up before she knows it, but an Oscar is ageless.

Do you think Natalie Portman is doing a good thing by not going back to work?


Image via Cea./Flickr

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