Cutest Baby Ever Can't Stop Laughing at Dad's Silly Sneezes (VIDEO)

baby laughingOne of the absolute biggest rewards of having a baby is getting to be there when that baby learns how to laugh. The process is pure comedy, and you can see the whole thing play out on their cute little faces: Ahahaha! Wait, wtf was that noise I just made? That was kind of alarming and yet ... ahahaha! Omg, I did it again! I just can't help myself. I'm out of control!

This video captures what I'm talking about perfectly, and it even features that classic, never-failing baby laugh stimuli, The Fake Sneeze. If you haven't tried this one on your baby, proceed with caution ...


Your fake sneezes are guaranteed to make baby laugh, but she'll never, ever want you to stop. Never. So just prepare yourself for the demanding Entertain me, you big fool glare that's bound to come when you sneeze your last.

Couldn't be cuter, right? If you get tired of The Fake Sneeze, in my experience, babies also respond very well to The Oops, This Little Toy Cow Keeps Falling Off My Head!

What makes your baby giggle?


Image via YouTube

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