Baby Boys Vs. Baby Girls: Which Gender Is More Fun?

I recently read a post entitled, "10 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Trade Having a Daughter for a Son," and having one of each myself, I got a pretty good chuckle. I've always wanted a girl, and I enjoy the hell out of her. But I do have to say: Boys are pretty darn cool, too.

I know people are always saying they prefer one gender over another. Still, I have to admit I was surprised by a recent Gallop poll that said 40 percent of adults would prefer a boy and only 28 percent would prefer a girl. Really?

So it got me thinking ... there are a lot of benefits of both genders, but a lot of downsides, too. If we compare the two, which gender is cooler?


Let's take a look at the "pros" and "cons" of boy babies vs. girl babies:

Genitals at Birth

Boys: Swollen scrotum, often discolored, and the eternal question of "To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?" that will get you called names no matter what.

Girls: Swollen labia, and often some vaginal bleeding.

This round goes to girls for less controversy!


Diaper Changes

Boys: Erections that can make it awkward, ability to pee on their own heads ... and yours. 

Girls: Many folds to clean out carefully, and I don't care what anyone may tell you, they can squirt pee far, too.

This round goes to boys for having all visible parts and quicker cleanup.



Boys: While boys tend to be much more wiggly and fidgety, they usually don't walk sooner than girls and end up in the ER more often. 

Girls: Often talk sooner than boys, but that also means they learn to talk back sooner as well.

Girls win this round because ER trips suck, and knowing what a toddler wants when they have a good vocabulary is SO helpful.

Clothes and Shoes

Boys: Sneakers, robots, dinosaurs, blues, reds, and yellows. 

Girls: Mary Janes, bows and ribbons, princesses, fairies, pinks, greens, and browns.

Okay, so you don't have to adhere to any gender stereotypes, but you know what? I have fun with it and love girly stuff even for myself. Girls win!


Hair Care

Boys: When it gets long, shave it off or cut it short. Home trimmers work great. 

Girls: Fights over brushing, clips, hair ties, etc., but it looks super-cute.

Boys win this one too, just for taking less effort.


Social Tendencies

Boys: Male infants tend to prefer items and manipulating them to staring at a single face, though they do love crowds and tend to be better team players. 

Girls: Social even at three hours post-birth, little girls are much more likely to notice -- and stop -- when you make a scared face when they're about to do something that would get them hurt.

Honestly, this one evens out pretty well, don't you think?


Of course eventually those babies grow up, and then you have to deal with: Puberty

Boys: Wet dreams and gross sheets, stinky pits, and awkward facial hair. 

Girls: Boobs, bras, and periods with mood swings.

Honestly? Puberty is just kind of gross and messy in general. This one is a draw.

I don't think either gender is better than the other. Even people with preferences often find that there's so much variation in KIDS, period, that you'll never know what to expect. So while there might be more likelihood of, say, a boy pretending his stick is a sword, that doesn't mean little Lisa isn't going to turn her magic wand into a lightsaber, too.

Which gender do you think is more fun?


Image via Michele Zipp

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