How Many Toys Does Your Baby Have?

I just got home from a playdate feeling really guilty. My baby doesn't have a doorway jumper or an exersaucer or something that she can pull herself up on that lights up and plays music. My mom would buy her all these things and more—I just don't think they're necessary and figure my daughter will outgrow them before you know it.


Nan Mooney is like me. Sort of. I just read an article she wrote for called "The Minimalist: Is My Kid Toy Deprived?" Her eight-month-old son doesn't have any of the things I mentioned either, but it sounds like he doesn't have a whole lot else.

My daughter does have tons of books and games and puzzles—just none of that big flashy stuff. I do feel bad when I see how happy those toys make her, but then I tell myself if she had them around all the time she wouldn't like them so much.

Do you think your baby has too many toys? Or too few?

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