Grandma Gets Great Shock Reading ‘Go the F**K to Sleep’ (VIDEO)

grandma reaadingBy now you've surely heard of the hilarious book Go the F**K to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. If not, you must check it out, as it will leave you howling. We've seen everyone from Samuel Jackson to Werner Herzog do an interpretive reading of the not-for-children book, but never have we seen one done like this unsuspecting grandma in the following video.

It appears she was set up by her daughter who gave her the book to read, then started rolling the camera. With her granddaughter sitting on her lap, grandma has no apparent knowledge that it's meant for adult ears only. As she encounters the language, she repeatedly says, "It's a very bad book." Still she doesn't seem to be able to stop herself from finishing it. Warning: Not safe for little ears if you don't want them hearing the "F" word.


You'd think she might start reading silently to herself at some point, but she keeps going out loud. Fortunately the little girl is probably too young for any of the language to stick with her, though you never know. Sometimes what we think doesn't register with kids pops out at the strangest times.

In any case, I think this is my favorite reading of the book I've seen yet. I love it so much, I've considered surprising my own conservative mother or mother-in-law with it, but I'm quite certain their response wouldn't be quite so funny.

What reactions have you seen from people coming across this book for the first time?

Image via YouTube

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