Want Your Baby to Model?

Are you interested in getting your baby into modeling? From what I've heard it sounds fun at first, but it can be tough. youngmom2b3 asked for advice in the CafeMom Newcomers Club on how to get her adorable son Jayden into baby modeling, and some other moms asked anonymously in Answers and they got a few good suggestions.


1. Magazines such as American Baby and Babytalk have cover model contests in which you can enter your baby. (From NuMommy87)

2. Start by getting headshots taken and find a local agent. (From christina0607)

3. Go to Great American Photo Contest. (From Heaven0802)

4. Parenting.com has some great tips on taking great photos of your baby (which you can then submit to contests).

3. Check out Baby Models & Actors—the members share info there.

There also seems to be some negativity surrounding baby modeling—lots of times in Answers and in threads the Baby Mamas asking for advice about baby modeling are told, "Don't do it," "You're selfish," "Watch out for scams."

What do you think about baby modeling? If your baby is a model, got any tips to share with youngmom2b3 and the other Baby Mamas who are interested?

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