9 Family Car Stickers That Aren't Completely Lame


windshield stickerAt some point I should just stop being surprised at the things people can have big fights over, right? But no, things keep cropping up, such as whether the little stickers that represent members of your family on the back of the car are going to aid in abduction of your children or not. Really, folks?

Mainly though, I do hate the idea of sticking your name on your car, and your kids' names, but more than anything ... little stick figures? Generally pretty dang lame in my opinion (and my friend with these on her minivan is just chuckling right now, I hope).

However, I have discovered something to make me rethink this trend. I found family car stickers that not only don't suck, but frankly are pretty dang awesome. Now rather than rolling my eyes, I'm trying to figure out which one to buy! Check them out.

Fellow Star Wars geeks, the AT-AT/AT-ST family above is only one of many Star Wars-themed stickers you can get for $11.50. Clone Troopers, Vader helmets, yes and yes!

What zombie lover can resist this? Kids can be seriously rotten, and this takes it quite literally. Even pets get in on the action! They are $6.95 for a family of six (that can include pets, and extra zombies are $1 each).

Harry Potter, how I love thee. Now for $10, in addition to wearing my Gryffindor scarf out in public, I can show my JK Rowling devotion with a witch and wizard family too, my kitty included, of course.

A little punk flavor goes into a Jolly Roger family set, and you can get four stickers for $9.99.

Okay, now this birdie family is just kind of sweet, but also creative. $13.99 gets you the twitterpated couple with chicks.

The old school gamer crowd will appreciate the Mario and Daisy family for $14.50. Your kids can be Goombas or 1-Up Mushrooms too. I don't know that kids give you an extra life, though ... gray hairs seem to indicate the opposite.

Aww, who doesn't love sweet looking dragons for $9.99? I'm sure I've got dragon-breath when I wake up and didn't brush my teeth the night before because I passed out face-down the second the kids were asleep.

Though scary-close to the common and lame, my little Pagan self is magically drawn to this cute little witchy family for $11.54. There's a wide variety of different looks for each person available too.

This one? Well, this sticker was a special order for someone for $20 so I don't know if the shop owner would make more, but frankly, it was just too freaking awesome to NOT include in this list.

Did some of these make you rethink the family car decal trend? Do you have one?

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KateS... KateShesGreat3

Too cool! I was just thinking the other day how much I hate the little stick figure family stickers, and how I wished there was something cooler! Thanks for showing this, I'm buying the Jolly Roger set!!

Leah Laughlin

I think the family sticker thing is kinda lame, but I like these!  The zombie ones are cool, although not my style! I'd get the Super Mario ones, but I'd have to convine my husband to let me put them on the car.

cocob... cocobeannns

I love the Birdie family one, and my brother would love the Mario set. Have to get these!

MTNes... MTNester1

Decisions, decisions.  :)

Nikko... Nikkole95

I actually like the family stickers, but these are definitely way cooler!! lol And I just may have to get the zombie ones for my sister...

cassi... cassie_kellison

I would Love the birdie family! ut I share a car right now, and I know the hubs wouldn't appreciate that.

Jessica Moseley

I love the Zombie one and The little birdies !

zomie... zomiemomi

anyone else watch Dexter? well the serial killer, Trinity, used the name decals on a familys vehicle to aid in the abduction of a boy, so maybe thats where people are getting the idea? lol i know i didnt think anything of it until that episode! But the decals are super lame, except for these ones!

tinyp... tinypossum

I'm with you on the lameness of the generic stick-figure family, but now that I've seen the Star Wars ones....I just may have to make the purchase. 

Megan Grande

Although cute, I think displaying the number of family members and usually their names is a bit weird. Does EVERY person that sees your car REALLY need that kind of information? I'd probably buy the birdies kissing, but leave it at that. No one needs to know how many chicks I have ;)

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