Terrible Sitter Goes for Drive With Baby in Back of Pickup Truck (VIDEO)

Stroller In Pickup TruckAre you ready to freak out? Pick your jaw up off the floor? Kiss your babysitter? Because you’re going to do all those things when you see this video of Keyona Davis, the Florida babysitter who thought it was a great idea to ride with the child in the stroller in the back of a pickup truck

Oh yes, you read that right. And she says that doesn’t make her a bad babysitter -- because “there’s no handbook that tells you what’s child endangerment.”
Has common sense been bounced out the back of a flat-bed when we weren’t looking?


Voila, the video:

I can think of scenarios when I might jump into the back of a pickup truck with my 8-month-old. Like, if it was 9-11 again and I had to get out of Manhattan (but then you know what? I’d take her out of the stroller and hold her tightly). Or if it was dangerously hot and I had to get the child home (but then you know what? I’d sit in the cab of the truck and belt us both in, not the back). Or if ... nah. This is whacked.
I am perfectly aware that there are parts of the country where this is more common, and I know there are people saying, “We used to ride like this all the time, and look at me, I’m fine!” To which I say -- that’s you. You made it. Those who didn’t aren’t here to comment, so stuff it. Between 1987 and 1996, one-third of pickup-truck-passenger deaths didn’t even involve a crash -- just a bump in the road. Forty percent of those deaths were kids under 17. Falling out of the back of a truck is both more deadly and more likely than getting hurt in the cab of a truck.
We use safety belts, car seats, and other restraints now more than ever, and there are fewer agonizing, tragic traffic deaths now than ever. Yet traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death for kids. (Not stranger abduction. Not cancer. Not junk food. Traffic crashes!)

As for this babysitter’s insistence that she just didn’t know this wasn’t acceptable, that’s just bull. It reminds me of that mom who claimed she didn’t know her toddler shouldn’t drink beer. If you don’t know that, you’re too stupid to be in charge of children.
And she’s not 16. She’s 23 and has been babysitting for seven years.
This is not okay. This is stupid. That truck hits a bump, and the baby goes flying into the windshield of the car behind him. You wouldn’t treat a dog this way.
Do you think this babysitter should have had more common sense, or can you understand being unaware of a safety issue like this?

Image via YouTube

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