David Beckham Shows Dads How to Support Breastfeeding

breastfeeding david beckhamFor some reason it's always surprising when we hear about a celebrity breastfeeding. Maybe it's because we assume they all have scheduled c-sections paired with a tummy tuck and plenty of drugs, and nannies to take care of the baby while they sip champagne on the beach. But celebrities are people too! And therefore have the same issues when a newborn is suddenly in the house.

It turns out that Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, is having some breastfeeding challenges due to a slipped disc in her back. Back pain would certainly present a challenge to picking up a baby and holding her in the best possible position for breastfeeding. It's making me think I was whining way too much about my arm falling asleep while nursing.

So the story out of the Spice-Beckham household is that dad, David, actually holds up baby Harper to breastfeed since mom is in too much pain to hold onto that baby. What's gonna work? Teamwork! If only every dad were so involved in breastfeeding.


Yes, that's what I'm saying: David Beckham is a breastfeeding role model. Who knew a jock would be the man to show other dads how it's done? Can you imagine if dads also had to be physically involved with breastfeeding the babies?

Perhaps then it would be seen as something you just do after having a baby, like checking on the umbilical cord site for infection or changing a diaper. And even more importantly, perhaps people would realize how important the dad's role is in the family and paternity leave would follow. Ahhh, a lady can dream.

Either way, bravo to Becks for helping out with the newborn. I'm loving this story, and hope dads everywhere take note.

Are you surprised by this story?


Image via friskytuna/Flickr

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