Baby Lost When Family Starts Courtroom Brawl

baby lost in courtroom brawlHere's a tip for anyone in the middle of a heated child custody battle: Don't misplace the child while brawling with the other side over custody of your baby. It's really just 'Baby Care 101,' but it seems someone needs a reminder of this, as the baby is now missing in Detroit under this exact scenario.

Four-month-old Evelyn already lost her mother when her father shot her (really, this kid has the deck stacked against her), and so naturally a relative of the mother's tried to gain custody of baby Evelyn. It's when the father fought to get the baby back when things got hairy.


Now this is where I kind of get lost, as the father (who shot the mother, remember?) actually won the custody battle for baby Evelyn. He says he acted in self-defense, and it appears he may have a case since he was awarded custody of his baby girl. And that's when the brawl broke out. The security guard handed the baby to a "mysterious woman" and the baby hasn't been seen since.

While I can understand being outraged over handing over a baby to the man who just shot and killed her mother, if you can't keep it together in a court room, you probably shouldn't be taking care of an infant. And if that infant goes missing because you were caught up in a brawl, you really don't deserve to have custody of a child.

Regardless of all of this inappropriate behavior, a child is missing. And anyone who knows anything about baby Evelyn needs to contact the Detroit Police right away at (312) 267-4600. Let's hope she's found safe and sound and is able to lead a somewhere normal life from this terrifying beginning.

Do you think either of these people should be caring for baby Evelyn?


Image via srqpix/Flickr

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