Salma Hayek Takes Breastfeeding to a New Level (VIDEO)


salma hayek breastfeedNo one could ever accuse Salma Hayek of lacking in generosity. And no, I'm not talking about her generously proportioned physical ass-ets, though of course those bear mentioning. (Even Hayek herself had to give a nod to her bod in the September issue of Allure magazine, where she says, "My boobs ... they're not bad, by the way. I'm not complaining.")

Anyway, I'm talking about Hayek's generosity of spirit. I mean, come on, this is the woman who breastfed a sick, hungry baby in Sierra Leone! (Her boobs go beyond being "not bad!")

Hayek's great-grandmother did the same thing for a starving baby in Mexico whose mother had run out of milk. Clearly her great-grandmother's story stuck with the 44-year-old actress (now mother to 4-year-old daughter Valentina). 

"If you have milk, you have milk, and if they're hungry, they're hungry," says Hayek in the same Allure interview.

"I think it's a beautiful thing, because motherhood is a very strong place for women to connect and understand each other."

Wise words, and such a welcome change from the bashing-of-moms-by-other-moms that's been rampant lately. Hayek's generosity extends to mothers as well as babies. Instead of criticizing the African mother -- saying, as one can imagine several public figures might, that the impoverished woman never should have reproduced in the first place -- Hayek just whipped out a boob and helped in a way that only another mom could. The best way.

I'm personally humbled by Hayek's gesture. Yes, she's an extremely wealthy celeb (especially since marrying multi-billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault), but she didn't stop at writing a check to help out the less fortunate. She breastfed another woman's baby without thinking twice.

Would you breastfeed another woman's hungry baby?


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nonmember avatar me

didn't this happen several years ago?

nonmember avatar Stacey

I believe it was in 2008, are you depserate for breast feeding stories or something? I think there are more important current events to write about, even if they aren't about breast feeding.

And I think it is kind of gross to do that, couldn't she just pump and bottle feed him? It's still just as nutritional!

Billie Jo Evans

So precious, I would definitely nurse a child in need. My daughter has had her aunt's breastmilk in a situation where I wasn't able to feed her right away and I was very happy that she was able to get what she needed.

nonmember avatar steph

This is sooooooooo old. My god.


Yes. What kind of mom would I be to intentionally not feed a hungry child if I could? It would be a precious moment.

TC00 TC00

If you want a story about breastfeeding or milk check out Texas Children's hospital.  They are asking for breastmilk to feed the nicu babies.  I would think that would be more relevant than a story that took place years ago

Charice Lawrie

Who cares if this happened a few years ago or a few minutes ago? It's still a touching story that makes some people stop and think.  And yes, I would nurse another mom's hungry baby, no judgment, no questions asked. 

Lynette Lynette

of course I would!  As long as their mom was okay w/ it.  I pumped for a friend of mine that had a low supply

Ataem... Ataemommy

This story is three years old! Way to stay on top of the news!

nonmember avatar anonymous

Um, it doesn't look like this was under the "News" heading. They're probably talking about it now because Salma brought it up in the magazine interview, which doesn't come out until next month. Anyway, it's nice to be reminded of this story.

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