Mom Cheats Birth & Has Baby Without Knowing About Pregnancy

didn't know she was pregnantThere may be an entire show on TLC dedicated to telling stories about women who don't realize they're pregnant, but every time one of these situations pops up, I can't help but shout, "No way! Not possible!" Here's another one, out of Rochester, New York, that has me scratching my head. Especially when you see pictures of this lady. It's like Sarah Palin's mystery pregnancy all over again!

Andrea Curry became a mom for a second time after calling 911 complaining of severe back pain. Her husband also explained that she felt the need to "push something out" (also a clue you're pregnant), and the dispatcher thought she might be having a miscarriage. Voila, a head appeared!

Help me out here, as I really don't understand how you don't know you're pregnant until the moment of birth. Really.


With all of my pregnancies, I knew something was wrong, errr, perfectly right! I felt sick, bloated, irritable, and my boobs hurt. Like, instantly. Of course I get that not everyone has the exact same pregnancy symptoms, but to not even have one? How is that possible?

This chick will tell you how.

Apparently she was still having her period. While rare, some women do have spotting throughout pregnancy. But it's not a "normal" period, so there's a certain amount of ignoring going on. Gaining weight can also be chalked up to stress, bad habits, or too many donuts. And if you don't have any morning sickness, well, you're just one lucky lady. Additionally, when you're a woman who is already somewhat, or a lot, overweight, it's going to be more difficult to tell if you're growing a baby bump.

I know this happens so often that most OB/GYNs have seen it in practice, but I still feel like you're kind of getting away with something. No changing your eating habits, no giving up horseback riding, no negotiating maternity leave. Of course you want to have a healthy baby, but it seems these babies usually are, even without all that prenatal care. Thank goodness.

Did you ever not know you were pregnant for a long period of time?

Image via nagobe/Flickr

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