Adorable Baby Does His Best Freddie Mercury (VIDEO)

freddie mercury babyYou are the champion, my little friend! How much do I love this video of a baby singing and dancing along to footage of Freddie Mercury at Live Aid? I love it so very, very much. Let me count the ways!

First of all, this kid is just absolutely adorable. Look at how pumped he gets when Freddie really shakes things up! Awww. Plus, he's obviously super-intelligent. Notice his attention to detail as he mimics Freddie's moves and musical stylings.

Another thing that's so cute I can hardly stand it: Clearly this baby is tired. Those sleepy eyes, poor thing. But this kid isn't gonna let a nap get in his way. No, he keeps on fighting 'til the end! Because the show must go on! (I could do this all day.)


And how awesome is it to see babies rocking out to real music? See, it doesn't have to be the theme song from Thomas the Tank Engine to keep your kid entertained! Stop tormenting yourself with such auditory insults!

I hope these parents keep on exposing their baby to great music -- and keep on filming his rock star impersonations!

Does your baby have a favorite rock star?


Image via YouTube

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