Breastfeeding Porn Star Should Be a Role Model

breastfeedingLet's talk about the term MILF, shall we? It's safe to say that the acronym is socially acceptable at this point. By which I mean that MILF is now dropped in casual conversation as frequently as it is Googled in the quest for niche porn.

To be a MILF, on the other hand, while apparently desirable, is not socially acceptable. Just ask porn star, writer, and sex educator Madison Young, who was accused of promoting pedophilia after breastfeeding her daughter in public.

Wait, let me get this straight. So because Young is an openly sexual person, the act of her breastfeeding is an openly sexual act? Does that mean a chef breastfeeding her baby would be a culinary pursuit? Or a lawyer breastfeeding her baby would be a legal matter?


That line of thinking clearly doesn't make any sense. It must be something else: The problem with Young breastfeeding her baby is people can't handle the fact that she is both a.) a porn star and b.) a mom.

So it's okay for sex to borrow from motherhood (if it fulfills a fetish), but not the other way around. In other words, just because MILF has a place in the slang dictionary doesn't mean it's okay for moms to be sexy.

The reason why I bring up the whole MILF thing at all is because the public breastfeeding that kicked off this controversy was part of Young's art exhibit, "Becoming MILF." Young was criticized for breastfeeding her daughter in a photo, at a live event, and on her video blog ... while she talked about breast health. Whoa, that's some pretty kinky stuff. Huh??!!

Here's the weirdest part, though -- it wasn't a right-wing politician or religious leader who slammed Young for breastfeeding, it was another porn star, Furry Girl. (Who, if she thinks breastfeeding is offensive, should really re-evaluate her name.)

What's going on here? It seems a woman is more likely to be called a "slut" or a "bad mom" by another woman than a man. Are we so tormented by trying to reconcile the co-existence of our own sexual/maternal natures that we have to demonize the same duality in other women?

Madison Young should be admired and supported for her bravery.

Do you think Madison Young is promoting pedophilia?


Image via Raphael Goetter/Flickr

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