Circumcision: Don't Try This at Home


circumcisionThe great circumcision debate always rages. If you do choose to cut, you're a barbarian who is taking something away from your baby boy. If you don't, you're subjecting your son to increased incidents of disease. On both sides of the aisle, people are passionate, sometimes angry, sometimes flat-out crazy. But one thing both sides can agree on is to never, ever, ever try to circumcise your baby yourself. Especially not with a box cutter. Especially not when you watched a YouTube video in order to learn how to make the cut.

Which is exactly why Oregon mom Keemonta Peterson got probation after attempting to circumcise her 3-month-old son in her own home. 

Needless to say, Peterson was neither a doctor nor a mohel. She was, however, inspired by the Old Testament and decided her son needed a circumcision right then and there. And for some reason, she thought he was too old to have a doctor do it. This is where her logic gets seriously faulty.

What's confusing is that she wasn't offered a circumcision in the hospital when she gave birth. Peterson also has three other children (who are in state custody right now), but no mention if they are boys or girls, circ'd or intact. While the judge did say he believed she was a mother who loved her kids, and this was a bad moment, apparently someone feels like the children are in some kind of danger since she's only allowed supervised visits.

This is the point where I remind you she took a box cutter to her son's penis. It seems like under any other circumstances, she'd be in jail right now. Of course, she did call 911 right after when the bleeding didn't stop, and the baby will be okay after having a doctor perform a circumcision in the hospital.

I feel for this woman, I do. It seems she was swayed by some kind of religious fervor and realized her mistake. But I still can't help but worry about the safety of all of her children in the future.

What do you think should have happened to this mom?


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Polly... PollyMarie

One thing is for certain, she needs some counseling. It sounds like she may need some guidance from an outside parenting source. If she wants to practice religion it sounds like she may to talk to someone about her beliefs before she acts on them. If she is saying God is talking to her or hearing voices that cause her to act right then, that is a different story but the article does not say.

hutch... hutchfam2007

PROBATION!!?!?!?!? after she took a box cutter to her BABY sons penis?? She CUT her baby with a blade!!!!!!! PROBATION???? wow, seems like she got off easy for now! I just wonder if there is not more to the story here? Maybe ppd or drug use? You would have to have something seriously wrong with your head to even think it was ok to cut your baby Anywhere on their body with a box cutter for any reason!!

nonmember avatar Shelly

This isn't about circumcision, or religious beliefs. It's abut this lady being all kinds of crazy. How did she not get more then probation, for this? Her children should be removed, and she should be forced to get psychological help.

Tom Tobin

I don't care if she is a mohel, or an idiot who risked her child's life by imitating a surgeon according to a You Tube video.
Either way, it is a sexual assault on a minor, causing irreparable damage.
Here's a You Tube animation, explaining why men have foreskins, and what is lost in circumcision.

Tom Tobin

Her kids were removed.  Removing them isn't going to fix that boy's scars, physical or psychological.

Not ever.  Can you imagine what his trust issues are going to be like?

Tom Tobin

"the baby will be okay after having a doctor perform a circumcision in the hospital"

I don't think so.  The average circumcision removes 35% to 50% of the skin of a boy's genitalia.

I have a hard time thinking that people would be saying the baby will be OK after having a doctor perform a circumcision, if it was a girl we were talking about.  I admit that it makes me a little crazy, that you can't do it to a girl, dog, or cat, but you can to it to a boy.  That says a lot about conditioning in our society.  I don't wonder, when Europeans get physically sick to their stomachs, when they find out it is common in the US.

sweet... sweetmom1007

Horrible!!! Maybe she should have her clit cut off!!! Nasty woman!!! My sons were circumcised but the right way.

Mrs.Salz Mrs.Salz

^what is the "right way" to circumcize??

jmomm... jmomma2009

Uh, the 'right way' is by a doctor who is trained to perform the surgery.  You know, in medical school, instead of youtube videos? 

hutch... hutchfam2007

omg ppl are so anti-circ that they are missing the whole point of the article...

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