Cloth Diapering Tips for the Mom Who Wants to DIY

cloth diaper baby
Kristin's daughter in a homemade diaper
When looking to cloth diaper, there are a lot of things to consider. Often the idea of cleaning poo is a big turn-off to some, but quite often it's the initial start-up cost that can be painful, even if it does quickly end up saving you money.

Some moms choose to go a different route instead, and either buy diapers from moms who make them or they buy fabric and whip up their own diapers.

Kristin, who is a crafting machine and owns SmileyMoo's Variety Shop, as well as Enchanted Smiles, makes and sells her own cloth diapers. I asked her some questions about advice for moms who are looking to cloth diaper, but don't want to go the big-brand route.


What led you to cloth diaper in the first place?

I started cloth diapering for several reasons. First, [my daughter] Priya broke out with intense diaper rash from every diaper we tried. Second, we were having leaks from disposables, and last was the money factor. I had three older children to provide for and it felt silly to basically throw money away.

What would you say to someone who was considering cloth diapering?

Go for it! It isn't as hard as you would think. I would start with a diaper of each style to see which diapering method you like the best and go from there.

Why did you choose to start making your own diapers?

I love to craft and thought I would give it a shot. Plus, I can customize the diapers to have the features I like the most. Such as having gussets or snaps. When you make your own, you get exactly what you want.

If someone wanted to make their own, what advice would you give them?

Try out free patterns first. You can find many free patterns on the net. Watch YouTube videos for different methods. Join diaper sewing groups for advice. I advise knowing what you want in a cloth diaper before you start making them.

If looking to buy from moms who make them themselves, do you have any tips to make sure you're getting quality?

I sound like a diaper snob, but price is a big giveaway. If a diaper is being sold for $5, chances are the quality isn't there. Ask questions if you have them. If you see a diaper with hidden PUL and you're worried about wicking, just ask. If you're worried about the quality of the velcro, then ask. Check out action shots if available and feedback just as if you were buying from a company.


Thanks Kristin!

Have you or would you consider making your own diapers, or buying from a mom who does?


Image via Kristin of Enchanted Smiles

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