Tina Fey Welcomes New Baby With Perfect Name


tina fey babyThis weekend my imaginary BFF, Tina Fey, added one more stellar accomplishment to her already impressive resume: she gave birth to her second baby! And with such a great name! Welcome, Penelope Athena. You and big sister, Alice, have escaped the celebrity name curse.

The 41-year-old star and creator of 30 Rock decided it was, in fact, time to add to her family of three, and now her 5-year-old daughter, Alice, has a baby sister. Just in time for Tina to get back to work, right?

Which is why it was so fab that Fey shared her struggle in making the decision about whether or not to have a second child. As a highly successful working mom, Fey talked at length about the issues we all face when making such monumental decisions. Have a second? Or maintain the (relatively) workable work/family balance one finally achieves when your first child exits the baby stage.

Welcome to the two-kid club, Tina. Here's why I think you made the right decision.

As Fey said before, 30 Rock will end and she could regret putting off having a child indefinitely for her work. It's hard when you're a working mom (especially if you're a working mom where hundreds of people depend on you for their income!) to willingly make your life more difficult by adding another baby to the already hectic mix. For some people it's simply not worth it. If I could count how many times I've thought, "Wow, if I just had a pre-schooler, today would have been so much easier," I'd be so wealthy that I could retire.

The flip side is, of course, I wouldn't give up my second baby if it meant I could never work again and had to live on ramen noodles for the rest of my life. No matter which way you lean on the "to have more kids, or to not have more kids" spectrum, I think we can all agree that Tina Fey having more kids is an awesome thing. And thank god she went classic, instead of a name Tracy Jordan would have come up with for a newborn.

Congratulations to the Fey-Richmonds!

Did work influence your decision about having more kids?


Image via 30 Rock

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Gina Crosley-Corcoran

My career plays a huge roll in my decision to stop at 3 children. I'm working toward a law degree, and I want to be able to use it. I've done school during all three of my pregnancies (returned to school 6 days postpartum this last time) and it's just too, too hard. I'm barely hanging onto my school and work schedule with three - another pregnancy would send me straight over the edge. But if I didn't want a career, then yes, we'd probably have more. Still, three is plenty for us, and I doubt I'll have any regrets about having this size family AND my career.

nicko... nickolleen

I'm very happy for Tina Fey and her husband. I don't, however, share your love for her name :-(

Dale Agar

Most beautiful name ever!
Look up the meaning and you will understand.

Julie Seale St. Clair

Since we've had the name Penelope picked out since 2008 and have yet to use it (we had a boy and then two miscarriages)...my only hope is that it doesn't get too popular by the time we have a girl...cause I love the name, but don't want my child to end up as this generation's Jennifer or Madison. Congrats to Tina Fey though on picking such a beautiful and classic name.

nonmember avatar cara

gee, I kinda think you are full of it

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