Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Take the Easy Way Out on Naming New Baby


jessica albaHere's guessing naming baby number two wasn't as hard for Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren as it is for most folks. Alba announced on Facebook that she gave birth to another daughter on Saturday. The 7-pounder was 19 inches long, and Mom and baby are doing just fine. So what did the Spy Kids 4 star name her new sweetie?

According to mama, it's Haven Garner Warren. Cute, huh? An English name, it means "place of safety" or "shelter." Appropriate for a baby who offered Mom and Dad some peace on what can be a contentious process: baby naming.

See, the Alba/Warren clan matched little Haven's name to her big sister: Honor. With both names beginning with an "H," the couple lopped 25 whole chapters of the baby name book off of their decision-making process. Less chapters means less bickering for Mom and Dad.

And when it comes to baby names, there's a whole lot of bickering. This is the name your kid is going to carry for the rest of their life. You don't want one that's going to get them laughed out of kindergarten ... or worse, a boardroom. Add some pregnancy hormones into this battle, and someone could be sleeping on the couch.

So far be it for me to argue with Alba and Warren's decision to simplify. I did it. Trust me -- it works.

My husband and I share the same initials all the way through, and when it was time to name our baby, we opted to carry on the tradition. Some will say it's corny. I get that. But it's also a heckuva lot easier to argue over all the J names than 100 names covering every letter of the alphabet! Get it over with quicker, and there's more time to spend picking out nursery themes (sorry, no tips to prevent that fight).

What do you think of Alba's pick? Will you try this baby naming trick?


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Melissa Ruel

I love the name Haven! Me, DH, and 1st son are all M's. I'm always calling my son by hubby's name. This time around we're going with an A name. Not that it makes a difference, BIL is an A and I already call my son by his name too!

dirti... dirtiekittie

i just had to laugh - it's Spy Kids, not Sky Kids... LOL

anyhow, i think Haven & Honor is cute, but i believe there is such a thing as taking it a tad far... i have some friends who are both J's, and they ended up with 3 adorable kids - all J's! love them all, but all those J's feel a little silly sometimes - but to each his own. I can pronounce all their names at least! lol :)

banan... banana-bear

I think both Haven and Honor are bad names.

katie... katie11908

I love the name :-) atleast she didn't name her apple or orange or something crazy like that lol

tabi_... tabi_cat1023

WOW banana-bear tell us how you really feel...bad names? They arent that bad really...sure not 100% traditional names but "bad" I dunno I had surely heard worse from celebrities for sure.

Mymys... Mymys_Mommy

My parents chose that route with my sister and I.  Both our first and middle initials are the same.  It was interesting growing up with the same initials.  We (or she rather) only experienced a problem once in elementary school when my sister went to sign into her 5th grade computer lesson at school with the pre-assigned first initial and last name login and was logged into my 1st grade lesson.

dayzi... dayziesnrozes

My DH and DD have the same initials. We had DS picked out too. Timothy Randall, Taylor Rae and Trevor Riddick. I was the odd one out tho. O well. I like that way. Makes it easy. As far as boardrooms laughing at someone's name, you'd think that by the time you're old enough to make it to a boardroom, everyone present would be mature enough to know people's parents choose names, not people. I guess it's different for kids to laugh at names, but adults??? Really? People need to grow up... someone in a boardroom laughing at someone's name; that's the person who would laughed out of the boardroom, if it's one worth being in in the first place.

Sarah Keys

I like Honor and Haven. Would I name my kids those names? No, but I think they're cute.

nonmember avatar A

They're both stupid names. You can always tell when people don't expect their kids to become professional or successful on their own.

nonmember avatar Tylers momny

Honor,no, don't think that makes a good name. But haven, yes! I wanted to name my first kid that, but I ended up naming my son tyler, after my husbands baby brother who was a still born baby.

But I did end up getting a kitty kat and naming him,haven. Lol

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