Hilarious 'Interview' With 1-Year-Old (VIDEO)

We all know that babies are weird, quirky, and totally hilarious in all they do. Sure, they keep us up at night, but they also keep us laughing enough to (mostly) make up for it. One dad decided to "interview" his 1-year-old to find out a few things.

First things first, obviously, daddy needs to know if Jose Luis (the baby) tooted, but then we all know the answer to that one. Of course he did! Dad and Jose also discuss nighttime problems, his mom's cruelty to turtles (you really have to watch it), and Osama bin Laden.

See for yourself below:


The idea is genius, though I'm not sure how they get him to say the things he does. They must do a lot of really creative editing.

It's one of those priceless things we all wish we had done when our babies were little, so don't be intimidated by the nearly 400,000 YouTube views and make your own hilarious "interview" starring your baby. He may not be as precocious as little Jose Luis, but it seems to me, you can make him appear so in editing.

Who knew babies were so opinionated?

Did this make you laugh?

Image via YouTube

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