8 of the Luckiest Babies in the World

ryan goslingThis image of Ryan Gosling plus child is making my ovaries burst like popcorn in a microwave, it's making my heart race and my pits sweat, and worst of all, it's making me jealous of an innocent baby.

Gosling is filming his upcoming movie The Place Beyond the Pines in upstate New York and I could not be more begrudging of his teeny-weeny co-star.

I want to be that baby. I want Ryan to hold me in his arms and feed me a bottle of milk then bathe me naked in a tub full of toys then rock me to sleep in a soft blanket that smells like his body odor.

Unfortunately I'm all-too familiar with being jealous of babies. They get held, kissed, hugged, and cared for by some of Hollywood's hottest actors. What's not to hate?

Here are the eight luckiest babies in all of Hollywood who make me furiously jealous.

  1. Let's start with the obvious: That little tyke in Ryan's arm is the luckiest baby of them all. Let's give him a little baby crown and a little baby goblet of apple juice and cheers his unbelievable fortune.
  2. That baby from Party of Five was super lucky, too. Being held by Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf? Yes please!
  3. Tom Selleck was my first crush (maybe that's why I only date guys with mustaches!) so naturally that baby in 3 Men and a Baby is crazy lucky.
  4. Sure, there may be a Facebook thread dedicated to Gracie Bell's less than perfect looks, but that baby on Friday Night Lights is so lucky, I can't stand it. Kyle Chandler kisses and hugs her, and so does Taylor Kitsch. 
  5. Another damn lucky child is that baby in The Hangover. I would love Zach Galifianakis to carry me around in a Baby Bjorn all day. 
  6. I'll throw this one out there: I wouldn't mind being the lucky baby who was bounced around in Justin Bieber's arms. Even though Bieber is significantly younger than me, I'm still totally jel of this baby.
  7. There's a baby out there that was bit by Robert Pattinson. Yup! She's definitely one of the luckiest babies on the planet. Oh, and whatever baby is cast in Breaking Dawn is karmically blessed. 
  8. Brad Pitt snuggles a baby in the Tree of Life -- that baby is totally winning. So lucky. I want Brad Pitt to snorgle my belly and tickle my feet, too!

Ugh I'm jealous of so many humans under the age of 1, but you know what I just realized? That most of these babies aren't just one baby, they're twins, or in Gracie Bell's case, triplets. So I'm not just covetous of eight babies, I'm jealous of at least 20! Gah. I'm so lame.

Are you jealous of these babies, too?

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